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Myofascial Release Bodywork

What is Myofascial Release? Well, fascia is the most prolific connective tissue in the body wrapping around every muscle and organ. It has 6x more sensory nerves than muscle and all your systems weave throughout its structure! Myofascial Release bodywork is a hands on, oil-free therapy that applies slow, sustained pressure or stretch which facilitates optimal hydration of the tissue. This releases tension in the fascial system, increases lymph and blood flow, and allows for improved overall muscle balance. MFR not only provides long term results for nagging pain or weakness effecting physical performance on any level, but will also help prevent future injury.  Invest in your body's longevity. Call or text to book 785.550.2606

Need private instruction or a Yoga Instructor for your studio | business | dance company | sports team or yoga teachers?
Ambika does private contracting work for all your yoga needs!

private instruction
Move deeper into your practice


Would you or someone you know like to do yoga but are not comfortable with the group class setting?


Is there a pose(s) you would like to break down step-by-step and learn more deeply about - all at your own pace?

Do you have a specific injury or modifications that you would like to incorporate safely into your practice?


Through detailed instruction and hands-on adjustments, Ambika will help you begin and/or shift your practice to the next level.


She can come to you or meet you at a studio on Massachusetts street in downtown Lawrence.


Rates: $75/60 minutes, $110/90 mins. Additional cost for travel outside the Lawrence and Eudora areas.

"Ambika is enthusiastic about yoga and her enthusiasm is contagious"
-Hollie, Perforce Software
read more testimonials here

group instruction

Hire Ambika for a yoga and/or body awareness class for your next:

  • Weekly Outdoor Pod Classes

  • Corporate team event

  • Weekly yoga class at your office

  • Weddings

  • Athletic training/balance

  • Group boot camp

  • One-on-one instruction

  • Retreats

  • Yoga teacher training

Email for pricing and availability.

Yoga is a great way to keep your staff focused, happy and healthy.

Click this document for the 

description of a great class

for all employees that

spend most of their work

day at a desk. 

Reduce sick days and

improve productivity with these


Ambika is registered continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance. Most workshops are eligable for CEU credits.

Email Ambika for more detailed description of all

workshops, pricing, and availability.


  • Undo Your Desk Sitting-Click document above

  • Sun Salutation

  • Refine Your Practice

  • Stabilize and Save Your Shoulders

  • Arm Balance

  • Headstand Practice

  • Hands-on Adjustments

  • Sacred Yin Chakra Balancing

  • Yoga for Myofascial Release

  • Myofascial Self Release 

  • Longevity for Your Low Back

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