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"A private yoga session with Ambika is restorative, energizing, and informative. I cannot recommend it enough! Ambika is a wonderful yoga teacher, and her intelligence and curiosity about the body is at its best in one-on-one sessions. Her style is causal enough to put you at ease, but also enthusiastic and exploratory so it’s a lot of fun too. Her instructions are unique and thoughtful; they’ve helped me understand more about postures and poses, and about my body. Working with her after my very much unexpected c-section not only aided my physical recovery, but helped me to stay present and calm during those wooly newborn months." ~Sarah R

 "Deeply unpretentious, but also deeply knowledgeable,
Ambika teaches with great respect for the form without teaching with judgment of her students.

She creates a space in which laughter coexists with focused, sacred breath."
Mandy P - Massage Therapist and Dancer


"Ambika's innate sense of physicality has been brought to fruition by years of professional training in yoga and other, complimentary practices. Along with having a beautiful yoga practice to observe and be inspired by, Ambika's way of sharing her knowledge and understanding is clear and comprehensible.She has an ease with facilitating each individual student's process that comes from her attentive and compassionate nature. Ambika is always a joy."
Leah - Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher



"My private sessions with Ambika provided a new perspective on my current practice. Ambika listened to my goals, truly observed my body and utilized proper adjustments. I continually use her cues to self adjust and move deeper in my yoga practice." ~Melinda, IT Tech and Yoga Instructor

I am working with Ambika for both MFR and fitness training.  I have tried other trainers and quit.  We all know consistency is key to good health, but this is the first time I have been able to stick with a program because of Ambika’s program that is tailored to my individual needs.  When I want to ditch our session, I just remember that I always feel better after working with her.I believe our sessions have kept me active and able to avoid surgery!Thanks Ambika!  

~Margie W., Attorney

"The classes I've taken from Ambika have been fun and uplifting.
She has a great energy and enthusiasm for what she does."

Carrie, Anusura Yoga Teacher

"Trying out Yoga for the first time was exhilarating. I finally decided to do it because it was being offered at my Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy, Rivers BJJ.  Ambika is great, fun loving, and a witty teacher. I was convinced right away it would help my jiujitsu game/flexibility. I was already naturally flexible, but after just a few sessions my body started to feel great despite having preexisting injuries. The physical and mental benefits are off the charts. My neck, shoulders, and back are stronger than ever. I'm always excited for Yoga before, during, and after class. Don't get me wrong, its hard work, but it's a major stress reliever. I highly recommend Ambika and her awesome teaching style."

~Angel, Law Enforcement/ Jiu Jitsu blue belt



"There are yoga practitioners who lead classes and then there are yoga teachers who teach yoga. Ambika is a teacher.
With her smile and gentle humor she teaches the poses,corrects your posture and keeps the class fun and challenging."

~ Sharon, Nursing Student



"Ambika is an enthusiastic and dynamic teacher.Her understanding of anatomy is evident in her teaching.
I always feel well cared for as well as challenged in her class!"

~ Michelle, RNP & Yoga Teacher

"Private yoga sessions with Ambika allowed me to hone in and asses alignment issues I had that improved my posture and yoga both on and off the mat.  Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious and make for fun and enlightening private sessions that will leave you feeling more confidant in your practice."

~Ashely Jones-Wisner

"Ambika's an inspiring teacher who brings an amazing positive energy into the room."
~ Scott, Musician


"Lawrence is fortunate to have many outstanding yoga teachers and Ambika is certainly among the best of the best. If you're seeking a way to reignite your practice, Ambika's knowledge and guidance can help you get more out of each pose. Or if you're just starting your yoga practice, Ambika can help you learn proper alignment from an informed, encouraging perspective. Her teaching style is truly ideal, no matter where you are in your practice."

~Kathy D, Public Policy Advocate & Yoga Instructor 


"Ambika rocks! She has a very non-judgmental approach to teaching yoga, meeting

her students where they are and encouraging them in a compassionate, skilled way."
~ Laura, Childbirth Educator and Mother



 "Ambika makes you feel so at ease and even if you can't do some of those tough poses
she takes the time to walk you through it mentally and physically. She is down to earth,
knowledgeable and always aware of her students

~Maribel, Restaurant Manager



"Really excellent blend of choreography and instruction—maybe I should call it instructional choreography.

What I mean is that [Ambika] introduced us to particular aspects of postures before taking us into them,

and explained them really understandably, so that I felt understanding build from those smaller movements

into the more formal asanas by the time we got there. So I'm saying [Ambika's] teaching is really there, and

not on top of [her] teaching but right through it, in an experiential way for the student-practitioner.


I really trusted [her] body knowledge. I think that must be a strength of [her] teaching, that [she] really does have this knowledge, not just through what you've gotten in this class re anatomy, but from [her] extensive experience as a dancer. So I felt completely safe trying everything [she] suggested and checking out the nuances of it as [she] pointed them out."
~ Carrie, Writer



"She senses what we're all feeling because she is in tune with us. When we practice she is "one of us"

(even though she might not be participating as we are) rather than simply acting as an instructor

shouting commands or dogmatically repeating instructions."

Hollie, Perforce Software

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